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Canyon Carpet


Nowadays, carpets are most often used to ensure insulation against cold. However, one should not underestimate their appearance. To make your home not only warm but cozy and nice looking, be very careful when selecting a carpet and pay great attention to details.

The Canyon carpet is an ideal combination of simplicity and amazing comfort. The carpet is a hand-woven item; therefore it is noted for high quality, and unique style. Canyon is made of natural wool. This material is famed for incredible wear-resistance and resilience. Moreover, wool has dirt- and water-repelling properties, that’s why it can be easily cleaned and retains presentable appearance for a long time. The Canyon carpet is small-sized, can easily fit into a not so large room or a hallway.

Canyon is dyed using warm gray shades, therefore is suited for spaces of any color. Besides, this carpet can easily fit into any design to become its integral and useful part.