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City Ride Carpet


Young children tend to spend a long time on the floor, crawling on the surface and playing diverse games.  For families with children, a high quality floor covering is not just luxury and comfort, but a necessity. While selecting a carpet for the children’s room, one should pay special attention to workmanship and environmental friendliness of material.

The City Ride carpet is an incredibly beautiful article that provides a convenient floor covering to play on. This carpet is a hand-made article consisting of high quality wool and natural cotton. It has medium pile height; the pile is soft and extremely nice on the touch, to give kids much joy and comfortable sensations during play. The carpet is small; therefore it can fit into a small-sized room and become an indispensable part of the interior.

City Ride has breathtaking appearance; young children will certainly like this carpet because of it pattern. The carpet features multi-colored city buildings and cars.