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Brimmed Trio Pendant Lamp


The industrial design doesn’t go out of style for many years already: iron and metal constructions, gears and mechanisms are used in decoration purposes and cleary demonstrate the union of human and machine. Designers especially like to experiment with lamps: film projector lamps and lamps with weight mechanism, wires and gears – all these parts appeared from the rapid industrialization and buildings of this century.

This «industrial trio» is an ode to mechanization. A steel construction is hanged up on a complicated mechanism, which resembles some lift, the lamp sockets resemble the first lanterns, which illuminated cities of the industrial revolution times, and the lamps are made in the Vintage design. The black and grey colour of the lampshade and switch-string intensify this effect. The Brimmed Trio pendant lamp will look very attractive in a living room, especially among the furniture in a style, which is utterly inapproptiate to this lamp; or it can become a perfect addition to the loft interior.