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QisDesign: “Imagine another possibility”.

Since its launch in 2009, QisDesign has spread its innovative LED luminaries worldwide.

QisDesign’s concepts have achieved the recognition of over 30 internationally acclaimed awards, including IF, Red-dot and G-Mark. Through innovative technology and sophisticated design, QisDesign’s products deliver a unique experience that both satiates consumers’ desires and stimulates their imagination.

With commitment to designing and building the industry’s best-in-class products, QisDesign, very distinct from the traditional lighting brands, controls a highly efficient value chain and cultivates the team of experts with strong background of engineering and Information Technology. With the solid team, QisDesign combines technological perfection and innovative design, taking advantage of LED technology that amazes customers and creates more interactive fun of light.

Rising beyond traditional boundaries, its design amazes consumers by bringing them a sense-rich experience. Based on its brand philosophy -"Imagine another possibility", QisDesign combine innovative technology and sophisticated design to achieve perfection.