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Nowadays SITS is not only a leading European upholstered furniture manufacturer but also a benchmark for quality standards and a trend setter.

In 20 years of experience with developing, designing and producing upholstered furniture, SITS has a great range of products with the highest quality. With almost 1 000 000 handmade sofas and armchairs produced every year, SITS has a strong ambition to continue its development.

Emotions, crafts, people and environmental friendly attitude creates the solutions and innovations, which are very well received around the world. SITS manufactures its furniture in the factory, which meets the highest standards and provides the best quality possible.

SITS markets are increasing and it strives always to renew sofa and table collections. With design and expression of its furniture, this brand stays in the frontline of the Scandinavian style.

SITS values remains Honesty, Respect, Fairness, Quality, Service, Environmental Awareness and Equal rights to all humans. These are clearly visible in its product designs, large selection of fabrics and colors to suit customer’s individual needs.
SITS feels responsible for its clients and the environment, that’s why it uses a majority of eco-friendly materials, enabling its customers to have an impact on taking care of the planet.

“What YOU do makes a difference” SITS
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