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SOFTLINE shall be a leading provider of innovative, functional and high-quality furniture for private homes and public spaces worldwide.

By using innovative constructions, new and eco-friendly materials and cooperating closely with internationally acclaimed designers, SOFTLINE creates a feeling of optimal value and quality and becomes the first choice when decorating homes and public spaces with functional designer furniture.

Design, colors and functionality are the three pillows the brand philosophy lean on. SOFTLINE has come a long way since we started making furniture in 1979. We have become a global brand by creating innovative, functional and high-quality furniture, and our modern, colourful designs can be found all over the world. But one thing hasn’t changed: all our modern upholstered furniture is made in Denmark at our own factory.

We are proud to present the next generation of SOFTLINE furniture, its new design concepts and colours, created to meet the constantly changing needs of modern homes and public spaces worldwide. We collaborate closely with leading international designers who all share the passion for quality and creativity that characterizes SOFTLINE. They give us their unique take on the current trends and the way we live now, which results in a collection that accommodates all aspects of modern lifestyles.

Explore the new collection and discover its outstanding quality, new and eco-friendly materials in inspiring colours, and innovative designs. Elegant, comfortable and functional designer furniture perfect for decorating homes and public spaces anywhere in the world.

”We have always had a passion for design, and our new concepts really show Softline’s ability to be one step ahead of the needs that continuously surface as a result of the dynamic lifestyle we live today” © Finn H. Sørensen.
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