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Ankara Carpet

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Тип производства Ручное производство
  • Высота ворса (см) 12мм разрезной ворс
  • Материал Шерсть
  • Длина (см) 230
  • Цвет Голубой/Blue+Ivory/Слоновая кость
  • Ширина (см) 160
  • Плотность ворса 50000стежков/м2
  • Состав основы Хлопок

The plush Ankara carpet is a hand-made article made of natural wool – it would be appreciated by luxury connoisseurs which have very high expectations about quality. This floor carpet is quite durable and naturally stain resistant. Thanks to its long and soft pile, the carpet provides a convenient floor covering to play on. The Ankara carpet is a perfect solution for families with little kids: it helps reducing the risk of injuries involved with uncovered hard flooring. Due to its small size, Ankara will easily fit into not so large rooms, and become an indispensable functional part of the interior.

Classical proportions of this carpet are broken by asymmetric pattern, which, nevertheless frequently occur in classical carpets. Such an unexpected contrast lends a bold and fresh note to the carpet design; therefore the Ankara carpet is a good solution to enliven your interior and make it peculiarly distinguished from every other one.