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Bristol Carpet, 1,900*2,900cm

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Тип производства Ручное производство
  • Высота ворса (см) 2-3мм
  • Материал Шерсть
  • Длина (см) 290
  • Цвет Multi/Мульти
  • Ширина (см) 190
  • Плотность ворса 4000000стежков/м2

The cozy and warm Bristol carpet will surely touch your feelings. It looks like a knitted plaid blanket consisting of many soft wool rags that will keep you warm on winter evenings. Be very careful when selecting a carpet. If you want to make your home more welcoming and nice looking, consider purchasing this model.

The Bristol carpet is a hand-woven item made of natural wool which guarantees hard-wearing properties, durability and highest quality. Wool carpets are the dirt- and water-repelling articles, that’s why they can be easily cleaned. The carpet is quite thin therefore it is best suited for a sitting room. Due to the carpet’s small size, it will easily fit into small spaces.

The Bristol carpet has very pleasant coloring and looks as if made of multi-colored rags. It is an excellent solution for dark-colored spaces or rooms in neutral hues. Being placed into light –colored areas, it will provide a lovely vivid accent.