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Figaro Coffee Table

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Цвет столешницы Орех
  • Цвет ножек Розовый хромированный
  • Материал столешницы Массив ореха
  • Диаметр (см) 50
  • Высота (см) 56
  • Материал ножек Металл

At present time coffee tables become more and more popular and also become an integral attribute to a modern living room. This functional part of interior can easily fit almost any purpose: it can be used for tea drinking, as a table for a lamp or just for putting magazines and newspapers on it. In addition, a beautiful coffee table is a wonderful adornment for your interior.

The Figaro coffee table is a refined part of your interior in the art nouveau style. It is made from natural materials and is treated with quality protective substances which prevent erosions. This elegant and undoubtedly stylish table will be an attraction centre which will be appreciated by you and any your guest. The table will have a very interesting look with a house plant under its top. Owing to the construction of the table a plant will get enough light and will be a pleasure to the eye.