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Bess Chair

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Цвет обивки Серый
  • Цвет ножек Коричневый
  • Высота спинки (см) 49.5
  • Наполнитель Пена
  • Глубина (см) 66
  • Высота (см) 81
  • Материал ножек Массив каучукового дерева
  • Цвет каркаса Орех
  • Ширина (см) 62
  • Материал обивки Полиэстер
  • Материал каркаса Гевея (каучуковое дерево)

Such a guest in your furnishings is a real finding as this model`s design is very unusual and extremely modern. A stylish combination of shapes and materials will become a modern addition both to a classical and to a modern design. If you have a task to find furniture in a constructivism, minimalism and many other styles, the Bess Chair will surely be a useful meaning of its solution.

An unusual armchair-chair is noticeable for its legs` mounting system, its upholstery is designed on a habitual to a European eye colors and materials. It balances the design and makes it fitting for classically designed interiors. The chair fits perfectly for a dining space or for a working zone. It can be placed at the table with a countertop made of natural materials – wood, glass and metal.