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Bundle Pendant Lamp, 10 Lamps

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Материал арматуры Металл
  • Цвет провода Серый
  • Наличие ламп в коплекте (шт.) Нет
  • Диаметр (см) 30
  • Длина (см) 150
  • Мощность лампы (Вт) 25
  • Количество ламп (шт.) 10
  • Напряжение (V) 220-240
  • Цвет арматуры Черный матовый
  • Тип лампы/цоколь E27

The Bundle Pendant lamp, 10 Lamps is a classic example of an industrial style. Wires, stripped gears, unprocessed metal and absence of lampshades make a simple but stylish design of this lamp.

This model also creates space for creativity. Bulbs are hung on the wires that are not connected to each other. It allows to experiment with their placement. You can leave them like that or fix them on the ceiling. The lampshade looks interesting hung in the corner of the room and it can also make your room look as an art object if you place the bulbs on the walls.

You can buy bulbs for the lamp in our internet-shop. Bulbs by Electro Retro will suit greatly – their ultrafashionable incandescent bulbs will momentarily make any design stylish.