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Cera Pendant Lamp 2

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Материал арматуры Металл
  • Цвет провода Черный
  • Наличие ламп в коплекте (шт.) Нет
  • Диаметр (см) 28
  • Цвет абажура Белый
  • Высота (см) 150
  • Мощность лампы (Вт) 40
  • Материал абажура Керамика
  • Количество ламп (шт.) 1
  • Напряжение (V) 220-240
  • Цвет арматуры Черный матовый
  • Тип лампы/цоколь E27

Pendant lamps from the Cera collection are extremely simple in design but it is one of their advantages. Lampshades of all the models are made in ceramics in white color. They are combined greatly with light-colored interiors in a Scandinavian Eco style. This direction is characterized by the use of natural materials including ceramics.

This model is a pendant lamp Cera 2. It is the highest lampshade of the collection. Its neutral color palette is diluted by the «bronze» cap seen at its basis. Thanks to it the lamp looks naturally with retro bulbs. Lamps from the Cera collection can be used in interior designs of one space as they are made in one style with the use of the same materials.