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Fabric Cluster Pendant Lamp

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Наличие ламп в коплекте (шт.) Нет
  • Диаметр (см) 65
  • Цвет абажура Красный
  • Мощность лампы (Вт) 25
  • Материал абажура Ткань
  • Количество ламп (шт.) 7
  • Вес (кг) 2,7
  • Напряжение (V) 220
  • Тип лампы/цоколь E27

Sometimes lightening plays an important role in furnishings. In these cases furniture, walls and floors are combined in a modest and reserved color palette but at the same time luminaires and accessorizes become the only actors on the scene. The Fabric Cluster Pendant Lamp is perfect for the role – so raise the curtain, the show begins!

Lush colorful lampshades of different diameters and shapes stretched at all the ceiling`s height, a stylish bunch of lamps will surely manage to attract attention. If you want to achieve an incomparable effect in furnishings of a living room or a kitchen – a pendant lamp Fabric Cluster is exactly what you`ve been looking for!