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Athena Pouf

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Тип производства Ручное производство
  • Цвет обивки Тёмно-коричневый
  • Наполнитель EPS наполнитель
  • Глубина (см) 35
  • Высота (см) 50
  • Ширина (см) 50
  • Материал обивки Хлопок

The Athena pouf is coziness itself and will satisfy people with the most fastidious taste. It is available in two colors. The Athena pouf epitomizes the Scandinavian ecostyle. This style is popular thanks to the cozy and welcoming aura it projects. Natural colors and materials are indispensable attributes of this style. Place this pouf near a sofa in beige hues to start creating an eco-styled interior of your own.