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Aurora Pouf

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Скидка €21.40
  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Тип производства Ручное производство
  • Цвет обивки Разноцветный
  • Глубина (см) 50
  • Высота (см) 40
  • Ширина (см) 50
  • Материал обивки Хлопок

The Aurora pouf is a gorgeous furniture item designed to remind one of patchwork technique. The term of patchwork refers to needlework in which small pieces of cloth in different designs, colors, or textures are sewn together.  

As exemplified by the Aurora pouf, the concept of patchwork is quite popular and not only when making quilts or pillows. Such item will make your interior really cozy and welcoming. The pouf is best suited for decoration of sitting-rooms in the ethnic style.