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Charge Table Lamp

  • Бренд Cosmo
  • Материал арматуры Дерево
  • Цвет провода Черный
  • Наличие ламп в коплекте (шт.) Да
  • Диаметр (см) 20
  • Цвет абажура Черный
  • Высота (см) 42
  • Мощность лампы (Вт) 2
  • Материал абажура Металл
  • Количество ламп (шт.) 1
  • Напряжение (V) 220-240
  • Цвет арматуры Черный
  • Тип лампы/цоколь LED

The Carge Table lamp is made in a modern high-tech style. This direction is characterized by the high-tech pieces of furniture. For example, a table lamp is sure to be a LED one. This style first appeared in the interior design in the 60-ies of the XX century. Designers of that time were inspired by constructivism of industrial spaces where all elements of furnishings are ruled by their functional purpose. Minimalism in details and high functionality are their obligatory attributes. This style fits the energetic, young and purposeful people and those who would like to experiment with their interior design.

Construction of this item is made of natural materials – wood and metal.